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General matters

1. Taunus Tennis Academy organises und plans the summer and winter training for kids, teenagers and adults. The training will be done by qualified coaches (with tennis assistant, C-, B-or A licence). The coaches are self-employed and work on their own account. Any claims of the training participants or their legal representatives towards the Taunus Tennis Academy are generally excluded.

2. The club facility may only be used - also during the training lessons - by people who are members of the club or have paid the appropriate guest fee according to the guest rules of the club.

Organizational matters

3. The training will take place during summer (from beginning of May until the end of September) at the club. The participants have to wear tennis shoes during the training. If the kids do not wear appropriate tennis shoes, they are not allowed to participate in the tennis training. The missed lesson will be nevertheless charged to the student and will be canceled without replacement.


4. Each student is obliged to bring enough drinks (water or apple spritzer) to each training session and to drink regularly during the breaks. Students who come to the training without a drink will be banned from participating in the training, whereby the missed lesson will be nevertheless  charged to the student and will be canceled without replacement.


5. In case of force majeure such as rain or other unplayability of the courts, the Taunus Tennis Academy tries to move the training to an indoor tennis facility. If no such facility is available, the training will be canceled without replacement.


6. If a participant cannot join all training sessions for reasons that lie with his person (eg illness, injury, quarantine resp. isolation or time reasons), there is no entitlement to a replacement date or a refund of the (proportionate) course fees. If the student does not join a training session, it is not allowed to send another person to the training without consulting the coach.


7. Parents are not allowed to sit on or next to the court during the ongoing training session. This behaviour does not only disturb the concentration of our coaches, but also that of the children. Only with pre-school children, who cannot manage without parental care, an exception to this rule can be made after consultation with the coach.


8. Our duty of supervision for underage children is limited to the duration of the training and the direct training location. Unfortunately, we cannot assume any supervisory duties before and after the training. The parents / guardians are responsible to bring their child to us on time and to pick it up punctually after the training ended.


9. The Taunus Tennis Academy reserves the right to exclude training participants from a group in individual cases if, despite the admonition of the coach, they do not obey the instructions of the trainer or disturb the training. The parents agree that their child stays in the training area in such a case until it is picked up. The excluded child is not entitled to reimbursement of its (proportionate)  training allowance.

Sign-up process

10. Registration for the training is exclusively done via our website. Remote or other applications are invalid and will not be accepted.


11. The Taunus Tennis Academy has the right to not accept a training application.


12. In addition to the name of the participant, his age and his contact details, the preferred time slots must also be complete and correct on the application. Preferred time slots that are voiced later, eg after the registration deadline, are not considered. The registration deadline will be announced with the invitation.


13. The training takes place in summer and in winter from Monday to Sunday. This - especially the possibility to train on the weekend - should be taken into account when specifying the preferred time slots.


14. Non-timely registrations are either not considered at all or the herein included preferred time slots are  considered secondarily.


15. Registrations that are canceled after the end of the registration deadline but before the announcement of the training schedule are to be paid 50 percent of the advertised training price. In case of withdrawal of the registrations after notification of the training schedule, the full training price specified on the training schedule must be paid for all registered persons and booked trainings. This does not affect the legally regulated 14-day cancellation period, which is valid. 

Training division

16. The training division is done by our coaching team in consultation with the club's youth council. Requests regarding the group composition or the coach can be made during the sign-up under "Remarks". There is no guarantee that these wishes are also taken into account in the groups' composition.


17. The group composition ensures that the groups have the highest possible degree of homogeneity in a tennis-specific manner. Demands for change into a "stronger" group or "with better" children contradict the idea of homogeneity and are not considered.


18. Payment is by direct debit or bank transfer. All training participants will receive a corresponding ordinary invoice.


19. In case of several training sessions per week or a longer training period as well as for smaller groups, the resulting additional training fees will be invoiced.


20. Winter training: Possible additional demands of the tennis hall operators due to rising energy costs are to be paid by the participants themselves.


21. All students participate in the training on their own responsibility. They settle any claims among themselves. Participation in the training is at your own risk. Our liability for damages in connection with the training is limited to intent and gross negligence.


22. Complaints due to insufficient and / or missing performance must be submitted in writing to the Taunus Tennis Academy at the latest on the second day following the day of the training session. This also applies to any damage to persons and / or property resulting from the training. The period starts in this case with the discovery of the damage. After the deadline, our performance is considered approved and any complaints are then excluded.


23. During the training, film and image recordings of the participations may be made within the scope of technique analysis. Occasionally, these recordings are also used for advertising purposes and published on our website or in social networks such as Facebook. By signing up for the tennis training, you agree to such use of the film and image recordings. If you do not agree, please inform us in the sign-up under "Remarks". Of course, we delete at your request published images and video material, in which you or your children are shown, at any time from the sites.

Tennis camps

24. The registrations for tennis camps can be withdrawn until the deadline specified in the announcement. After the expiry of the registration deadline, 50 percent of the camp fee is payable for each withdrawal from the registration. For cancellations made 14 days or later before the beginning of the camp, the entire camp fee is due. Personal reasons such as illness, injury or dissatisfaction with the group division cannot be taken into account.

Restriction / prohibition of tennis training (pandemic rules)

25. In case of a governmental restriction or prohibition of the tennis lessons, the following regulations apply:


1. the booked tennis lessons - this usually refers to a booked semester like the summer or winter training or to a booked tennis camp - are to be paid in full by all booking persons after expiry of the legal objection period.


2. All missed tennis lessons will be catched up on free dates such as weekends, holidays or school vacation. Should someone not be able to make up one or more of the lessons due for reasons that lie with his person (eg illness, injury or time reasons), the lessons will be cancelled without substitution. In this case there is no claim to a (proportional) refund of the training fees, nor to an alternative catch-up lesson.


3. If it is not possible to catch up for all the missed tennis lessons within the following seven calendar months, the costs for the missed lessons are to be credited to the participants when they next book their training, i.e. deducted from the invoice amount. If the person concerned does not book any further tennis lessons, there is no entitlement to a refund of the lost hours. There is no claim for immediate reimbursement.


4. Should the restrictions allow alternative forms of training, the coaches are entitled to offer alternative training courses even contrary to the original booking, provided that these are considered equivalent. The equivalence does not refer to the duration and scope of the booked lessons, but to the training price. For example, four hours of group training in a group of four people can be replaced by one hour of individual training per month for each participant.


5. In the course of the winter training, booked indoor courts must be paid in full by the participants. If the restrictions do not allow all courts to be used, there is no claim to a refund of the (proportional) indoor court fees. Should the hall operator offer a refund or credit for the cancelled courts, these will be distributed evenly among all participants in the coming winter semester by reducing the indoor court price for all participants.


Frankfurt, August 13, 2022


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