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The training objectives and contents are set and taught according to the participants' ages.

The basics of successful learning in tennis sport are the promotion and optimization of all coordinative abilities (perception and ball touch) and all types of speed. If the speed and coordination skills are well developed, the children and adults will need far fewer repetitions to successfully play tennis. Therefore, we are guided by the following principles when teaching:


1.Quality more important than quantity

2.Age-appropriate training

3.Realistic assessment and goal setting dependent on the participants' age


From a pedagogical and psychological point of view, the following three conditions should be fulfilled in each tennis lesson:


1.The training must be fun and enjoyable for all participants

2.The training must be suitable for improving performance

3.Every participant should experience personal success during the training


The training objectives and contents are set and taught according to the participants' ages.


Young children's tennis (ages 3-6)

Kid's tennis (ages 7-9)

Teens' and adults' tennis (ages 10+)


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