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During the training, the coaches focus on the following technical basics among many other things:


1.The splitstep as an elementary starting point for almost all situations and shots (eg at the baseline or net, or when returning)

2.Initiation of the stroke motion by rotating the upper body and bending of the legs: In modern tennis, the turning back of the upper body plays an important role, especially in the forehand and backhand as well as the serve.

3.Hitting of the ball in front of the body through upper body rotation and open stance: The rotation of the upper body and an open stance are used in today's tennis in almost 90 percent of all forehand shots. This shot execution is particularly smooth and economic and leads to a favorable point of contact in front of the body. This technique is also used by players with the two-handed backhand. The faster the game, the more often even one-handed backhands and backhand returns are executed in this way!


Both training objectives and content correspond to the latest development of the tennis sport and are taught by our coaching team in accordance with the German and Hesse Tennis federations.


Young children's tennis (ages 3-6)

Kid's tennis (ages 7-9)

Teens' and adults' tennis (ages 10+)

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