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1.Your child will learn coordinative skills that stimulate new connections in their brain, increasing their cognitive abilities.

2.Your child will learn to treat teammates, opponents and coaches with respect.

3.Your child will learn to interact with other children and work together as a team.

4.Your child learns to handle victories as well as the disappointments after defeats and the emotions associated with them.

5.Your child learns not to give up, but to keep trying, even if, for example, the forehand doesn't work sometimes.

6.Your child will learn to set goals and that it takes hard work to reach those goals.

7.Your child will learn discipline, self-organization and focus.

8.Your child gets to know people who can help him or her later in life, e.g. in a professional career.

9.Your child gets to know people who can help him or her later in life, e.g. with their future career.

10.Tennis is a life sport where children make friendships that often last a lifetime.

quoted from Dirk Hordorff, Honorary President of the Hessischer Tennisverband e.V.


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